This Love

by Dan   Oct 14, 2009

Time keeps ticking by
Each minute, each hour
Hoping, waiting, thinking about this world
I cannot stop but think about you.

The day ages each passing moment
The moon shall rise and the sun shall set
Yet I still keep wanting to keep you close
I will keep on loving you

And when the day comes anew, my words seem to fade away
As each morning arrive, my heart seems to stop beating
These lingering memories seem to haunt me
Girl, you had me at hello

My mind seems to now realize
That I am truly in love with you
And the moments we shared
Felt so true
And wish that I could keep your heart next to mine

And when I close my eyes
I do not ever want to open them
For each moment we ever had pass through my mind
I do not know if I could ever let you go
But just in case to take them back
I will gladly forget all of them

They say love comes when you least expect it
But never showed up when I did expect it
I cannot be the one that
Runs after you and begs for your love

This love is a figment
A figment of our hearts
It is something we could keep
But you never may want to try again
Our past was full of such sorrow
But we always need this pain
To release the strain upon ourselves


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