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I'm Dan. I'm not average in any sense of the word. I plan on leaving P&Q sooner or later. Unless something changes about the amount of people on here.

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Latest Poems By Dan

  • Time keeps ticking by
    Each minute, each hour...

  • So distant yet so near
    The yearn for seeing you again grows exponentially...

  • It seems that I cannot understand it anymore
    I miss the feeling we shared...

  • I no longer understand
    This feeling is just so mystifying...

  • Love.

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  • I just want to be able to finally stand on my own.

    11 years ago
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  • You tore me apart. You hurt me like no other. So as I walk away into the sunset. I truly hope you realize that little note in your pocket that's telling you that the sunset will never be as beautiful as you are

    11 years ago
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  • Fight for what you care about. Cause you aren't always guaranteed a second chance

    11 years ago
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