Bruised With Memories

by dollwithafrown   Oct 15, 2009

Open the window and let in the air;
let's play a game and for once we'll play fair.
Lock the bottles in the cupboard, no alcohol tonight,
now lift your hand and hit me - and this time hit me right.

your eyes, so unsure, so tender, so blue
little lost boy tonight; you don't know what to do


beach waves and candle lights;
so pretty and perfect today

soaked in blood, burned with wax;
the night did not start off this way


eyes now burning, don't know who you are
a smile like the broken glass which made this latest scar

Open the door and run for your life;
tables now turned; you're scared of your wife?
Slumped on concrete, making circles on the ground,
I wave goodbye and smile, my freedom now been found.


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  • 10 years ago

    by Ari

    Very powerful poem. I really enjoyed it. 5/5

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