So this is what rock bottom feels like.

by sexyCheckers   Nov 2, 2009

So this is what rock bottom feels like.

Sitting calmly on a hotel bed,
Wondering what to do next.
Maybe I should grab some pills, some weed,
Or maybe I should have some rest.

Thinking about whats in my head,
Trying to find some light,
Every goal Ive ever wanted to achieve,
Never seems to go right.

Ive lost it all, I'm being serious here,
Theres nothing left, but me.
Just waiting in this hotel room,
Waiting to end my life so tragically.

But then I think, and I have my pride,
The only thing that seems to be keeping me alive,

I mean, When I'm gone, dead in the ground,
Will anyone visit my grave?
Its hard to say, You see, because,
Ive pushed everyone in my life away.


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