Walking Corpses Use To Fall Over

by Em   Nov 2, 2009

It's like you're standing beside me
Screaming straight into my face again
But I won't listen to the silence
Because it doesn't have anything
Anything more to say
And I can't hear your words
Because they're stuck on repeat
I never listened
I never will
Please forgive me

And the feeling of your touch
Still lingers on my skin
The pounding on the door
Still echoes deep within
I think I was tongue-tied
Because I never made a sound
Well now it doesn' matter
Because you'e six feet under the ground

We both know I'll never miss who you were
Nor the person I thought you was
My arm won't miss the bruises
And my heart don't miss the beat
The beat which was too loud
But the beat is broken
And so is the heart
You just don't listen
You never did
I can't forgive you

And I never cried
Because no one could hear
How whispers became screams
In this never ending fear
I still remember the pillow
That you put over my head
Far away I heard you whisper
B itch, you'll soon be dead

I couldn't help that you had to die
But that fire matched your eyes
Memories are burned inside my head
And the thought of the smoke
Makes my throat bleed tonight
Far beyond the grave
You still try to kill me
But I'm already dead
And you're still alive
So much for forgiveness?


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