Flower For My Tombstone

by Jenny   Nov 10, 2009

I'm sad to say that I think I have given up
Tears are racing down my cheeks just thinking about it
I'm sorry but we are not the same anymore
Every time you come over I see it in your eyes
Well, that is what I think I'm reading
You treat me differently then you did before
I feel like every time you come and visit you feel sorry for where I am
Just to let you know I am in a better place
Even though everyone says that you think, whatever
It's true, I get to see you everyday without disturbance
And I love it, every second of it
We can still be together doing the same stuff we did before
Holding hands and being there for each other
It's just going to be different
You should be happy you have your very own guardian angel
Think positive for me because I want to see you happy


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