The Worlds Song

by Kalgalath   Dec 2, 2009

The end of the world,
Would wait for a song
Only a single one,
Trust that's it's long

Chaos in primary and secondary,
Are of no mind while listening
All your attention,
Is focused on obsessing

What could become,
Is neither here nor there
Such irrelevance-
Insignificant fear

Let fly your wilds,
Loose them upon the un-imaginers
Lost within their own devices,
Naught could make you happier

Than this last song,
The last they'll ever be
Standing there looking wondrous,
With no reason to flee

Forsaking all about,
Is of no wrong
While the world is succumbed,
As you listen to your song

As the world starts to vanish,
To be gone,
This i wonder,
Could you be my song?


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