One More Time

by AngelicDecadence   Jan 5, 2010

Baby, we've tried it before,
Time and time again,
There's no point in this,
It's hopeless.

His words rang in my ears,
And for a while I believed it,
But then I remembered my heart,
The very reason we both restart.

He had always cared for me,
He tried to hide it but I wasn't blind,
I saw him just a few days later,
But I tried to monitor my behavior.

Turns out he'd been thinking as well,
Told me he couldn't keep this up anymore,
That even if it became some kind of crime,
For us there'd always be 'one more time'.


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  • 10 years ago

    by Michael D Nalley

    I love how the subtle rhyme scheme does not get in the way of your point and the last line connects all of the dots