An angel and a tortured soul

by Nicole   Feb 4, 2010

An angel new to heaven
A tortured soul in a hell on Earth
On the outside so very different... but inside so a like
A bond they used to share...

Mother and daughter
Husband and wife
An ally or an enemy
A bond was there

The day comes to pass that the bond is ripped to shreds
neither allowed to be near the other
One the angel removed from the earth, while the other writhes in agony at the loss they've suffered

A yearning from a daughter for her mother to come back
The torture too endless to bare
The unyielding pain thrown behind battier after barrier just to reach days end.
Every passing day worse then the one before
its harder to hide behind the facade
It's not okay!
A horrid scream, as another comes to realize what has happened
a duty to help, a plea, a one silent tear.

A life turned to ashes, becomes dust in the wind.
To be everywhere and yet no where in a breath
An angel watches her tortured souls
Wishing to ease their pains
They really aren't so different

And thus we allow a belief in angels and the magical to drag ourselves through these ordeals.


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