I Have No Regrets

by SAINTS MATE   Feb 24, 2010

I wish you could stand by me
Be my one and only love
I wish be by me
Be my hope, my dove

I want you to be mine
for ever and always
but I know thats never going to happen
Since we've gone our separate ways

Every moment with you seems different
every moment seems odd
Its just an awkward silence
that never seems to end

when we were together,
It seemed so clear to me
that all my worries were over
and the world was the place to be

Now you have let me go
and I've tried to keep it inside
i want to let u go
and believe me
I have tried

I just want you to no
that i don't have any regrets
all i wanted was friendship
but now all i want is to forget

Thanks to the person who inspired this poem.
Wish we could still be friends
Hope we can work everything out soon
Don't want to loose a friend

Copyright Margherita Blanco


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