Miss Carry

by Dawn   May 31, 2010

"You are the only thing I ever wanted in life,"
she says to no one in particular.
It started at home, then ended in a bed.
Poked and prodded for hours until... it was too late.
Red. All she remembered was red.
And lots of it.
Going in just to be rushed out again.
A lady tells the girl its nothing serious,
But she knows better.
The man in the white knew better too.
He also knew nothing could be done.
So they left her in the room with something to ease her.
But it didn't work.
Could they not hear the sreams?
She cried and cried and cried, but no one came.
If God was watching he didn't seem to mind much either.
Finally it was over.
Red still.
Pain worse than before.
She only knew it was over because the man came back in again to help her up.
She looked down at the hospital bed to see the red she had been fearing all along.
"You are the only thing I ever wanted in life,"
I whispered to my baby... my baby I'll never meet.


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