Single now

by June   Jun 13, 2010

To be with someone for 15 years is quite a while,
from the start I should have know what it would be like.
For he was jealous so I lost friends and never went out,
guess when i realized how life was going to be I should of told him to take a hike.

But I already had 1 child and together we had had my second,
so I stayed and tried to make it work for the kids sake.
But over time I started to resent him for making me feel like a prisoner,
my life and the person I once was is what he did take.

As the kids have got older and need me less I started to fear,
the thought of one day it being just the 2 of us scared me.
For once the kids are gone we don't have nothing in common,
going out I would like to do and friends I would like to see.

Those are the things he would not be happy for me to do,
so just over a month ago I decided enough was enough.
We have now parted and as awful as it sounds I feel happier,
although he can not let go and says me he still does love.

I don't know when I fell out of love with him but I did,
and if I had off kept trying to make it work I think him I'd start to hate.
That is not what I want as we do have the kids and for them I want to remain friends,
he keeps phoning saying he's changed but for me it's just too late.

The last few weeks I have been out with friends and even taken up dancing,
the old bubbly me is slowly starting to come back and I feel good I really do.
My mum said just the other day even the kids seem much more relaxed,
he can keep saying he misses me but giving it another go I am not going to.


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  • 10 years ago


    Hi, you have told your story wonderfully
    and i would like to think it may help others who might be in the situation you were