Family and friends are precious

by June   Jun 26, 2010

Don't ever think that you are alone,
if things in life should get a little rough.
For there is always someone you can turn to,
who'll make things a little less tough.

Weather it be a family member or a friend,
give you strength is what they will do.
Listen when you want to talk or even shout,
pass the tissues if you want to cry and hug you.

If they can't be by your side,
because maybe they live miles away.
At the end of the phone they are more than happy to be,
always knowing just what to say.

Then like they are there for you you are there for them,
so if you have family or friends that are always there.
Treasure what you have with them for it is precious,
let them know they mean the world to you and for them you'll always care.


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