Then Again, I Could Be Dreaming Again

by BornAgainWriter   Jun 16, 2010

I saw this pretty red rose today at the park on Bank Street,
The city lights were shining pretty damn bright tonight,
Seems as though I've reached the brighter side of the moon,
When I picked the rose, I could feel your deep heart beat.

I thought that my hands fit perfectly with your silky hands,
It felt like I was correct for once tonight, pondering softly,
In the darkness of the city, rustling trees preparing the storm,
The breeze picked up my hair as I slowly closed my eyes.

I took my time walking over to the playground swing sets,
Moonlight skies, and the smell of summer flowers blooming,
Tonight, just couldn't get any more perfect, cool but humid,
Arid, with the sounds of the busy streets under a moon lit sky.

Some feelings I prefer not to exist in my heart anymore,
Although, sometimes the memories of you pop up here and there,
I wonder if I ever cross your creative, gaming yet childish mind,
But, what kind of person would that make you- A beautiful one?

I used to think that beauty started with your serene smile,
You proved me wrong too many times, too long ago,
I thought I was once important to you, like you video games,
Uncharted 2 doesn't have shit on these hips baby love.

I hugged you before, and you turned away like I didn't,
I was torn between thinking I was real or if I was pretend,
My face hardly saw your mind, you told me that once,
When you were seduced by a bottle of Grey Goose, your favorite.

I wish the wind would bring your imperfection back to me,
I loved your mistakes, I loved how angry you made me sometimes,
I miss the way you'd yell at me, be-little and then seduce me,
Leaving butterflies fluttering underneath an orange sunset.


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