Beauty of the fertile cresent

by Dustin S   Jun 17, 2010

Once more, once more,
Can you not see?
Are you blind, forever Thor?
That the creature, is me?

Silence through night,
Vanish by day's break,
I have no taste for the light,
Rather prefer my lake.

Lake of nothing,
Lake of dark,
I have found that something,
To transgress my arc.

Send me away,
Place in expiration,
I'll return one day,
With eternal damnation.

Little is left to aid,
I have grown to legions,
Join my black parade,
And dance with my demons.

I shalt sit upon a throne,
Bask throughout the night,
This world is mine to own,
This blackness deems so bright.

An unchosen life I bear,
With you to regret,
An internal scar I wear,
Causing my mystic descent.

Never die forever young,
The choice I've chosen,
Bombards me on my tongue,
From tasting this so frozen.

Am I I what you think?
Am I really undead?
Or am I simply another kink,
A pigment within your head?

Best left at the mystery,
Don't grasp the concept.
I have a one way history,
Of an unfatal perspect.

The night is new,
The air fluorescent,
Secretly I see you,
In the beauty of the fertile crescent.


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