by Dustin S   Feb 12, 2016

For every fight we have, and every compliment I don't give,
I mostly question my existence and the reason that I live.
I'm here to be your friend, up is the direction I should lift
You, because I am your soldier, and every day with you is a gift.

I try my best to please you completely,
With hugs, compliments, cleaning your room neatly...
But somehow I always find way to fight with you weekly,
And every time we do, I always get the weak knees.

Because I know I swore to be the last cause of pain,
So if there is anything I can do, please don't refrain
From telling me, I need to halt this strain
That is coming between us, cause it hits like a train.

Can't you see that I am the Apocalypse?
The beginning and the end, for I'm always so monstrous.
With only the ability to know, when I say "Love" there is no asterisk
But a period, signifying I finally can imagine it.

Forgive me of my sins, for I seek repentance,
And I ask you the question, "How do you want to end this sentence?"


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