My little kitten

by tears i cry   Jul 3, 2010

When You Were Just a Kitten And I Was just a girl
You came into my life and became my world
I held you tight and snuggled into your grey tabby fur
Petting you softly you began to purr
Mummy asked what should you name her Milo vegemite or whiskers or mittens
All suitable for your average day kittens
It took me a few days to figure it out and in that time many cuddles were given and purrs let out
That�s how your name eventually came to me Purra fitted you without a doubt
As you grew you became strong and proud. hiding under the couch we opened it up and inside we found 3 little kittens birthed by you
2 blacks ones 1 tabby in all your litters and from the last one came Thomas he was for my brother oh how you made a fantastic mother.
You never ate wet food it made you sick and you were fed on the table so the dog couldn�t get it
You and Susie were best of friends and you cuddled with her on her matress bed
when she passed we were all very sad you didn�t know what to do with yourself or how to react
you just moped around the place for a very long time and I started to wonder if you�d ever be fine
you were everything to me my life my heart my world I always considered you my own little girl
For so long I had you by my side and then came the first time to say goodbye
I had to move away and I could not take you
I left you with some friends who I knew would take good care of you
I missed you so much I remember when I went back to visit and you jumped on my lap and you remembered me and I knew you were still my cat
But today I say goodbye until we meet in heaven you were old and unwell
Rest in peace my little purring kitten


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Latest Comments

  • 8 years ago

    by Jenna Bella Oldridge

    Awww such a sweet poem I really enjoyed reading it. Cats are the best

  • 9 years ago

    by H. Elizabeth

    Awww...I JUST LOVE CATS! I have a really fat one and he's like 20 pounds and i have a grey tabby names Roscoe and a calico names Patchase =D

    awesome poem =D