Relationship Purgatory

by Concealing Words   Jul 14, 2010

There is no romance in false hope
There is no such thing as uncertainty
When you are ready there will be no doubt
When you are ready, you are ready for eternity

There is no "I want it but I am not sure"
There is no "Please wait for me"
When true love fills your heart
It knows right where it wants to be

Love will always claim a title
Love will always know where it stands
Friends and family won't be a mystery
Love is not afraid of holding hands

Quiet phones just mean torturous wonder
Lonely nights just mean broken dreams
But there is no hidden message with love
Love is always as it seems

Love's actions and words flow together
In a beautiful symphony
You cannot speak of commitment
While living life as if you were free

There is always a time to call
There is always a moment to spare
When love truly takes over
There is no feeling too hard to share

Love is more than just pleasure
It will always be close through thick and thin
If there is only your shadow behind you
Then it is not love but a game you are in

Promises of the future do not matter
There is no future if there is no present
Hope of eventually having happiness
Will only turn into resentment

Only the feelings of today is what counts
For tomorrow is promised to no one
You cannot plan for a beautiful ending
For something that hasn't even begun

Take heed and do not give your full heart
To someone who is only half way there
For the beat of one is not nearly as strong
As the beat of an unconditional pair

Falling for their beautiful lies
You'll find yourself in the same loveless story
Where tears fall unnoticed and the hurt is yours alone
In the this relationship purgatory


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  • 13 years ago

    by Stephanie

    I love this poem! It's perfect and beautiful! I can totally get what you are saying! If love had words, I bet those are the words it would say!