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Hi, I'm Stephanie. I am really passionate about poetry and the arts. I love to show my crazy and creative side. What some people don't know about me, except for my best friends, is that I also have a sensitive side that is reflected in my poetry. My favorite colors are orange, blue, and pink. I love the Florida Gators team! Go Gators. Anyway, I hope you like my poems! Remember to rate and comment them!

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  • Age : 28
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  • Country : USA, Florida
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Latest Poems By Stephanie

  • Killing me slowly
    I don’t regret what I did...

  • I can't get my mind off you
    I hope when I board this plane...

  • You can burn me, use me, cut me down to size,
    But that won't make me less than what I already am...

  • Quit it with the kind looks you give me
    Stop it with the sweet things you say...

  • When you feel that you are not enough,
    For your dreams...

Latest Quotes By Stephanie

  • Every journey starts with a dream.

    9 years ago
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  • Love is giving it all away with the possibility of ending empty-hearted, but you saddle up and take the risk anyway.

    9 years ago
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  • Don't you wish you could forget it all?
    Everything that leaves a frown, tear or sting?
    When sleep is the closest thing,
    That will distract you from your dreams
    And the bed is only one that will catch you
    When you fall...

    9 years ago
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