Lust a prima vista

by Behind Blue Eyes   Aug 14, 2010

We were soulmates in the making,
traveling down separate paths.
lovers destined to be together,
each other's better half.
years of pain and heartache
lead me straight into your arms,
to, forever, be protected
from the things that could cause harm.
God could not have planned our encounter
with better timing or dedication.
a grand design set forth
with heavenly expectations.
and now the very thought of you
makes my heart skip a beat
and the simplest sight of you
makes me feel complete.

i never thought that someone
could make me feel this way.
years upon years of praying for you,
never thought i'd see the day.
but you're here now, forever,
i'm not gonna let you leave my side.
i wanna be stuck with you forever
in this amazing, beautiful, surreal life.


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