You color my world, kid

by Behind Blue Eyes   Sep 10, 2010

I'm at a loss for words right now. Oh, what's there for me to say?
I'm begging my brain to conjure something but it will not obey.
A hundred million words in my head, and not one of them I can speak.
Your love is like the tallest mountain, I'm standing at the peak,
Eyeing the world around me, looking down at the beauty of the land
With a canvas in front of me and a paintbrush in my hand.
Trying to paint a picture for you of the way you fill me up.
Your love is like ambrosia and my heart's the overflowing cup.
The void that I once had in me has been drowned in your adoration.
You wrap me around your finger with the allure of your sweet temptations.


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