Dear Josh

by Kinkz89   Aug 23, 2010

For these words I must say, May not be the right one's but they
must be said.

The pain in you're eye's that could of caught the attention
of a blind man, The hurt in you're tone of voice that could catch
the attention of a deaf person.

The beer on you're breathe, the cuts on you're arm, Were more
than a sign of unhappiness, they were a sign of death creeping
upon you, like a poison infecting you're lungs.

The last thing I spoke to you about was my concerns about how
you were doing, And you're concerns were how I was doing with
my issue's.

Saying good-bye wasn't on my mind the last time we spoke, I
never expected to say those words to you at the age of 22.

You left behind two little boy's, Who will never know their father.

You left behind friends and family who care and love you.

The last thing that I have ever wanted to do was to be the only
one to say good-bye, And never get one in return.

You were my friend, my drinking partner, you were my shoulder when I had a bad day.

You were always at the other end of the phone saying " Life goes on, take it one day at a time, I'm here for you always"

You lied, You won't always be there for me, Or watch me become something of myself.

As this come's to an end, I will never hear this in return, Good-bye Joshua Bible.


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