Sad In Stone

by Hallow Kilrain   Nov 8, 2010

Everything is forever in stone,
My eyes, I cannot see,
Anyone who loves me.
My ears, I cannot hear,
Your whispers while you’re near.
My mouth, I cannot speak,
The words you’ll never hear are weak.
My hands, I cannot feel,
Never will your touch make my mind reel.
My feet, I cannot run,
Looks like I have to stop here, I’m done.
My heart, I cannot hear it beat,
Alas, my love, I’ll never meet.
My mind, I cannot think,
I’m too close; I’m on the brink,
Of losing myself, and the chance,
I’m forever in a trance.
And if I do anything, I know I’ll break,
Inside I’ll eternally ache,
This is why I am forever sad in stone.


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  • 13 years ago

    by Hallow Kilrain

    This is my very first poem, I know I am not that good, please be nice about saying things. ;)

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