Comments : The Sight of Grandma

  • 8 years ago

    by Liz

    Oh. This has literally brought tears to my eyes. It reminds me so much of my grandma that passed 8 years ago. It's so beautifully written. I'm glad I read this. I hope you post newer stuff soon.

  • 6 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Firstly, I have to say that the title of this piece is wonderful, especially coupled with the repetition of it throughout the poem proper.
    Your profile suggests that English is not your first language, which makes this piece even more remarkable as the imagery is so delicately and intricately described that I could almost see your grandma doing those things myself. It is written in an expert hand throughout.

    Well done and all the best,


  • 6 years ago

    by Meena Krish

    Reading this brought memories of my dear grandma
    and the way you have penned this piece makes the read
    vivid and alive..touching and sweet!

  • 6 years ago

    by Vink Kozira

    I find this very beautiful! Thanks for sharing. For some reason I am awestruck by the feeling of youthfulness that your poem conveys. And this of course is a pleasant element of surprise given the poem's subject. At the end I am left with this image of the grandma as that fire she keeps alive. This also makes me go back and appreciate her beauty routine.

  • 6 years ago

    by Liz

    I still love this so much!

    • 6 years ago

      by mossgirl19

      You made me really happy with this comment. From one Liz to another. Hehe. Thank you.

  • 6 years ago

    by chandelier

    now this one made me emotional
    reminds me of my grandma , whom i lost a few weeks ago :'(
    amazing work :)

  • 6 years ago


    I liked this poem a lot. It so reminded me of my late Grandma, tending the fire and the household without complaint and always with a smile, and yes, believing that everything will always be alright..
    Mossgirl19, you have captured the essence of everyone's Grandma beautifully, your words setting the scene to perfection.
    Well done!

  • 6 years ago

    by anand singh

    First let me apologize for the late reply, but I haven't come here much since they changed the format of the site. Any how, the vivid description of Grandma has brought back so many memories of my own dear grandma that it brought tears to my eyes. I grew up with my grandparents and Grandma was the backbone in our family. Beautifully penned. Thanks for reading my poems and for your comments. Nice poem.

  • 6 years ago

    by Milly Hayward

    Beautiful. There's something about Grandma's that is very special. This reminded me of mine x

  • 6 years ago

    by Mr. Darcy

    Our grandparents can make huge impressions on our lives. Reading this poem, I see your gran. I see her arthritic frame. Does this weaken her? No, she is strong and shows a determination to live life and give; not just food and warmth but inspiration too.

    Without the syllable and rhyme restriction flow here is smooth. This will go into my favourites.

  • 6 years ago

    by Dagmar Wilson

    Sadly I come from an background where love did not exist. I never had the privilege nor have I experienced the connection with grandparents neither have my kids. I love my grandchildren to the moon and back.
    Thank you for this beautiful write. They also love my cookies. Take care

  • 5 years ago

    by Tanya Southey

    I love this poem. I have just written a children's book about grief and loss. It's an adventure story about a boy who goes in search of his grandma who has disappeared. I wrote it because I still struggle with my gran being gone, even though I had her until I was 33.

  • 4 years ago

    by Zia Mikaela

    This is so emotional for me. This piece is so beautiful.