April's Truth

by Timeless Hopeful   Mar 7, 2011

Wanton are the trees of bare
Slowly blooming its picture perfect flora
Multi-colored in all it's glory,
Aries departs for Taurus

Apples with its golden reds and shades
Spring slowly imitating summer
Jolly is all you can find in this fools month,
Is it truly a sight to behold, behold to a sight truly it is

As I enter my true domain
To rest my eyes from the beautiful sight
My ears from the robins' melodious shrills,
Touch rested from feeling a willow's skin

Truly it is a month I adore
Nostalgic recounts I behold,
in the land I call Xanadu

I sit in my leathered chair
Cat purrs is all I hear
Reliving Aprils bountiful spring
A month that's jovial by nature


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