Cherry Blossoms

by Timeless Hopeful   Mar 7, 2011

Pink Cherry leaves calling the powder blue sky
Stepping out my protected empire
Stripping its pink garb, the wind playing the violin
Nourish my senses with a strip tease.

Closer ever more close I get
To the stripper in the passion pink dress,
Watching in the front seat, her pink ruffles shed on grass green.
Angst quickly oozed out of my body

Truly the innocence of spring, can be a surrogate to what I lost.
I wish an enemy could share in my buffet of beauty
Dance, O Cherry tree to the wind's wanton desire
Let me forget, the memoirs of the bitter past.

Streams of yellow washing down the rich reds and cool greens.
Women tricking near the old oak tree while it cascades the last autumn leaves gently down,
sadly such beauty tainted by warm white lust.

PG 13 behind Certificate 18.
Long chaste days become licentious nights
And as the last leaf...Fall!
Lifeless, bare is what the tree became willing to show its naked body to winter's mercy.
All the while thinking of heaven hoping like magdelene its worthy.


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  • 13 years ago

    by Decayed

    Haha.. that was wickedly enjoyable :)
    good job