by perfectly unperfect   Mar 10, 2011

Wide awake staring at the ceiling above me trying to make sense of my rambling thoughts trying to separate them and figure out which are real and which are just hallucinations trying to make sense of it all so many thoughts that it feels like a thousands voices all screaming at once and I can't make out a single thought all I know is that every single one of the voices are screaming your name leading me to you leading me down a path I'm not sure I should take a path that could destroy my life a path I've been down many of times before I try to ingore them and go to sleep but they get louder and then appears your face it's like its real I can even see my own reflection in your blue eyes I can even feel you when you reach for me my eyes quicly open knowing if I let it go any further ill be under your spell again and ill miss you and missing you is something I shouldn't do I already have someone to miss and he's missing me but yet I lie awake in my bed missing you this can't be happening I can't be falling for you again you don't even come around but yet my every thought is of you this can't be the road I take because at the end of this road leads heart ache for him and most likely me I can't risk everything for a what might be but I'm this thinking about it and oh how this thought kills me how it tears me apart I'd give anything to be able to turn off the voices to silence them out to hear nothing but the wind blowing for once but they still scream louder than ever making it hard to decide making it hard to choose I believe that they are just playing a game with me trying to destroy me piece by piece but yet I still listen to them listen to them whisper your name over and over like that's all they know its aggravating to not be in control of my own thoughts to be made to think of you I can't even sleep for fear you'll take over my dreams to so I lie in bed staring at the ceiling listening to a thousand voices scream your name


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