I Want To Be With You Now

by LM   May 20, 2011

Earlier you were here, but when I glance over, you're gone. Where did you go?

I don't know what to do today, now that you leave me alone.
Don't tell me that you don't love me anymore.

Do not go, don't leave me, please stay with me tonight
Stay with me for the rest of our lives and grow old together
Tell me that you love me because I will be waiting for you my dear
Right here and right now.

I want be with you now,
This is the dream that I am been wishing for long
And now, I hope it will happen today.
We can start over, if you trust me we can do this together.

And I want be with you now,
These two pieces of dreams I kept since you left me.
You know I am willing to wait
We can start it sooner if you come back, I want to hug you tight

(Where are you? I'm here, right here.)

This should not happening that you left here. I don't know what wrong I did.

It was yesterday morning, when we were together
I remember you told me that you will stay with me
Trust me I didn't meant what I said.
All I thought before was about myself
But now it's different.

Because I want be with you now,
Put away the distance and make it like you're near
And now this could be my very last chance
We can start over if you do love me, I need to be with you

I want be with you now,
Snow falling on an unexpected time.
When it should not be happening.
And you will come back in my arms.
We should stay together
Because I love you, I want to marry you

And I want to be with you today, tomorrow and forever.

NOTE: This was made by listening to the music Final Distance by Utada Hikaru and from that, I created this lyrics/poem. Some of the lines were retain.


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