by Edward Elric   Jun 7, 2011

Looking down in front of the mirror
Sorting the old letters I still keep
Counting my steps on the street
Wiping the tears before I fall asleep

Looking in our old picture and sigh
Regretting all those moments I've let pass by
Wondering where you are and if it's worth the try
Thinking of you, wish I could die

Wishing I could take back time
Regretting I let you go
Trying to make a change
Take a deep breath and start the show

Because there's no use regretting
Thinking it was meant to be
You said we'd make it together
Now there's only me

Staring out the window
Counting the trees pass by
Each ray of sun is you
Shining and darkening my sky

Remembering the smell of your hair
Still feeling you so warm beside me
Drinking your coffee in the morning
Arguing who is dumber and never agree

Keep telling myself not to think of you
How many sleepless nights you've danced in my heart
Still thinking that if you knew
You might regret this too

There's no use regretting
And no one cares how much I've grown
Because it's not enough if you're not here
And if you won't come I'll probably disappear
Or stay forever and wait


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