Do you remember?

by Edward Elric   Mar 19, 2013

Do you remember when we loved each other?
Do you remember when you listened to what I say?
Do your remember waking up next to me,
And just smile for an entire day?

I told you once that life is too easy
And living alone just makes it true
What's the point of waking up in the morning,
Knowing I won't be seeing you?

Now I sit in your room
And you live in mine
Wishing time would just stop here,
And this moment would forever shine

But nothing is that simple,
Nothing comes for free
I don't want to know where you are,
And you don't care for me.

And the truth is,
I don't think about you anymore
My love for you was forgotten,
Even before I slammed the door

This letter is about fear
And it is about pain
It's not about me losing my love
And crying alone in the rain.

I'll never write to you about that
Because that will be a lie.
You are not the source of my pain
Or the reason why I cry.

All fear and pain,
Must come from within
And nothing scares me quite as much
As the person under my skin

He is not the one you knew
He is not the one you loved
And he is the person who will never stop
Until my heart has dissolved

So don't cry for the past,
Don't cry for my mistakes,
Don't think about the time going by
And all that it takes

Live now for the future
Where you will surely shine
Don't dwell on other people's fate,
Certainly not mine

This letter is not meant for you
You will never think of me again
This is not about me losing my love
Or crying in the rain

This is about fear,
This is about pain,
This is about always looking back,
This is about crying again.


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