by FaithfulDreamer   Jul 12, 2011

The days I have left with you are almost at an end
We started out at a crossroads
You took one path, I followed the other
Little did we know that they would meet up again in time.
But we are together now
And the years we spent apart
To earn the few months of blissful togetherness
Are a distant memory
That we leave buried beneath all the happiness
Like a bone that has been chewed raw
Not ready to dig it up and go back to the flavorless life of being alone

Though we cannot always be next to each other
And fate may keep us separated
We are linked for all of eternity
By a bond that even death itself cannot tear apart
Love is the glue that holds the pieces of our broken hearts together
Where they were shattered by the thoughtless words
Thrown carelessly at us out of jealousy and spite
To push us away from each other

But we have struggled our way through it all
Every pointless conversation meant to help
But always ending in pain
Pain that stabbed at my heart and clawed its way from inside of me
And poured out in tears and hopeless sobs
we have kept our heads held high through it all
Listening to the music playing softly in our background
And knowing that what we have is something different
Something special that will linger with us forever
Even if we are forced apart


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