by FaithfulDreamer   Aug 10, 2011

You retreat deeper and deeper under your blanket
Every time people shine light on who you are
You squeeze your eyes shut tight when people get close
To discovering the real you, under all the make-up
Like a child, you think that if you can't see them
They can't see you, or rather you hope so.
You layer yourself with fancy clothes and jewelry
Trying to smother all the things that make you, you.
Every morning you spend hours getting ready,
Not willing to let the world see how you look naturally
You straighten your hair and crust it with hairspray,
So that you can blend in with everyone else,
Just like you want to.
You make sure there are swarms of girls just like you
Always around you so you can slip in next to them,
But theres always that one girl, who's different.
Who tries her best to stick out and be special.
She wakes up in the morning and makes a choice.
A decision to just be her and hope others will like her.
But it not, that's their loss, she's who she is
And she won't change for anyone.
Her hair goes natural more often than not,
Rarely does she wear make-up
Because she's content with the person she is
She doesn't feel the need to mask her true self.
Some days she just wears jeans and t-shirt
And she looks beautiful, in your eyes.
You slowly start to realize that she has everything
Everything you want.
She has the friends who would do anything for her,
While you have the friends who you would do
Anything to keep.
She has the courage to go natural
And she's beautiful just how she is.
While you strive everyday for beauty,
And all you get is a fake prettiness at the best.
She's happy with her life and would never change it
While you would give the world to be her
And have a different life
Where you weren't insecure,
Where you believed in yourself
Where you had friends, not servants
Where you had the courage to be you
And let your natural beauty shine through


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