What would you do

by Iforeverpromise2   Oct 6, 2011

What would you do
if the world seemed tor be against you
If in your mind alone
you start to believe you are your only best friend
Would you be able to give yourself that pep talk
that you so desperately need
or will you let the voices of criticism cut you down instead
Most I know do not allow the positive to flow thru
and that is where I'm at now
I can no longer see the point of living in this world
where the abuse reaches my ears and lingers
I've tried becoming my own best friend
but who really am I fooling
If no one else can see me for who I've strived to be
than I dub myself a failure
I suppose by throwing that question to the wind
I'm hoping to hear some feedback
some encourgement to continue living
but will it reach my ears and will my heart and mind really be open
to receiving all the kind words that may come of my question or will I just assume your being kind
What would you do if found yourself lost in depression
would you be your own bestfriend


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