I Swear: To a Friend (Free Verse)

by Fluffy Cotton   Feb 25, 2012

Believe it or not, I'm not out to get you.
I'm here to blaze with encouragement and...
I won't forget about you.
As far as priorities go... you're at the top.
I'm not above breaking my back for you.
If you're acting like an idiot,
I'll be the first to make you feel stupid...
But in the gentlest way possible.
I'm not going anywhere,
unless you're freaking me out...
in which case I'm going to leave...
but I'll come back to make sure you're ok.
It is through these things that I swear to you...
My friendship.
It doesn't come with strings attached,
Nor any fancy handshake.
Just swear to me this:
Swear to me that you'll be here
To let me know when you need me.
And to cry so I know you aren't faking it,
But not too much.
And make sure that, no matter what,
I'm doing it for you.


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