I am a Forest (Simile)

by Fluffy Cotton   Feb 25, 2012

I am like a forest.
Complicated, deep, uncharted.
Full of surprises and wonder that cannot be found unless explored.
Deep inside, there are dark, cold, empty places
where my failures and regrets live, tucked away.
However, there are also luminescent glowing valleys and sun drenched meadows
where all of my hopes and dreams can bound and leap.
My memories are like flowers, peppering the earth with color.
Some people may try to cut me down, but I am resilient.
I am unfenced and unprotected, open to friend and foe alike.
My passion is my fire, spreading throughout me in an instant,
nevertheless, it does not burn me down, it lights me up,
surrounding me in a vibrant glow: unstoppable, inextinguishable.


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