You know who you are ;)

by resisting reason   Mar 5, 2012

We're worlds apart but shes my best friend
and what i feel for her resembles a dream
ive given her my heart and my soul
and i can hardly describe what that means

we're divided by time but we couldnt be closer
she knows me better than i know myself
and i could never hurt her

i tell her my secrets, and not once has she judged
she makes me feel safe, and she deserves my truts

so when she crosses my thoughts, which is more often than not
i find my heart beats faster and my spine gets a shiver
and in that moment id trade the world just to kiss her

shes more beautiful than the sunset
and as suductive as the moon
if you could feel how i feel
you would think so too

my only real hope is that she truly understand
ive never loved someone so much
and never will again


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  • 7 years ago

    by HollywoodSmile

    I Love this and I Love You.
    Thank You <3

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