Peace and war

by resisting reason   Mar 10, 2009

They say that silence is golden
Make any type of noise
And silence will be broken
They say too that silence is deafening
It screams into your ears
Until everything is gone
And silence is all you hear
They teach us early
To preserve the invisible thread of gold
And some keep it
Until they are gray and old
Some follow a different path
Taught to use their voice
But they abuse their privilege
And turn into noise
They love to make it shatter
By screaming in my ears
False facts that don't matter
And meaning has long disappeared
They're as bad as the ones
Who harbor silence
Because they both incite
And harbor violence
There is so much talk
Or none at all
Unless they find balance
They will fall
They say silence is golden
But the silence itself
Begs to be broken
And when it finally breaks
And screams flood our world
What wouldn't we give
To have a moment of silence


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  • 8 years ago

    by mandy

    A powerful write, 5/5.

    mandy :)