by XTaintedxBeautyX   Mar 12, 2012

My name's Corinne, not Corrine.
That's 1 r 2 n's with a capital C.
I believe in looking at where you're at,
That's why my tat says 'Never Look Back'.
Keep moving through life with determination,
Hard work with some play is a good combination,
Don't let others words cause your suffocation,
in life sometimes there is need for elimination.
Things do happen for a reason, it's true.
That's why it's important to always believe in you.
Don't take advantage of the people you got,
Cause what if one day they're alive and the next they're not?
Just stating worst case scenario of course,
Not just throwing out the words with no remorse.
All I'm saying is let life run its course,
Use your head and your heart as your master source.

Don't believe the lies you hear,
your true friends are always near
Drop the act, look in the mirror,
what in life do you truly fear?
Life's a beetch while love's a game,
well if you ask me that's pretty lame.
It's not all about the success and fame,
and I don't care how many people are gunna scream my name.
Haters are mad cause my stuff's this fresh.
You don't gotta put my swaga to the test,
men coming up to me asking for my hand,
all struck up like they got a life plan.
Excuse me, doll, I said not today.
Now I really must be on my way.
It's just that I'd rather not get played,
maybe it's love that makes me truly afraid.

Your eyes the cinema; my life's the show.
There's one thing that you ought to know,
you only get one life so just let go.
I wanna live my life like Marilyn Monroe.
Yeah, sometimes life can be real rough,
Some days your all doesn't feel like enough.
Just stay strong, and find the will to carry on.
I know the days feel cold when the sun is gone.
Just grit your teeth and bear it through,
Maybe look from a different view.
My motto is stay true to your creativity,
And don't put down your capability.
I don't care if they don't like what they see,
They can do them while I do me.
Spittings what makes me feel free,
welcome to my reality.


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