My love

by Danyell Daniels   Mar 20, 2012

My love is to independent to be thinking about a boy, you don't have to disrespect your self to play with an old toy, My love is like fashion cloths on a super model, creative, Goudas, and people always looking, my love is to joyful, to be fusing around warrior about what a men doing in his life, my love is too picky like a boogie girl going shopping, my love is to strong to lat anybody break me down these no-goods might have a frown, my love is so fantastic like how this world made, my love is too goofy like a baby watching their first cartoon show,my love is like a women in heat, but sex will wait until a men get down on their nee with a diamond ring, my love is like a lost charger box, you need a key to open it, people steady looking for it but along its in my heart, once you find the charger box it will be a list full of surprises, and you will have a list about my love


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  • 9 years ago

    by Jaida

    Like this alot

  • 9 years ago


    Great poem. You tell it how it is, no holds barred!

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