Cloud 10

by A Phoenyx in Flight   Apr 6, 2012

That dazzling smile
Makes me weak at the knees
Flash it my way
And I turn to putty

Those big green eyes
I could forever get lost in
Turn them my way
And you have my full attention

When I'm with you
Its better then cloud 9
So I had to go a level higher
Being with you is Cloud 10

You're personality
Shines so bright
It's brighter then
Anyone I've ever known

You're always on my mind
Seeping in when I least expect it
Turning my rational thoughts
Into Bubbly joy

I'm on cloud 10
With you by my side
I don't know what I would do
If you ever left my life

You entered my life
When I desperately needed a friend
But you've become
Much more then that

You've made yourself
A comfy little spot
Inside my heart
And forever you will stay

( To matt;) )


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