Summer Skye

by A Phoenyx in Flight   Feb 12, 2013

Crazy Beautiful
Brilliant as can be


Wise beyond her years
Eyes that don't miss much.
A heart that loves so deeply

She is a girl
who only comes
once in a blue moon

I am proud to call her
my little sister
She means everything to me.

She is more important then she realizes
She is my strength my rock
Without her I'd crumble.

And I hope one day
she will let me in
And let me be her rock

Because there is nothing in this world
I wouldn't do for her.
that's what big sisters are for.

Summer Skye I love you sis
Always know that
No matter what
I'm here for you <3

(to you sis I mean every word)


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Latest Comments

  • 7 years ago

    by A Phoenyx in Flight

    I know hun but still I'm hear for you whenever you decide. You know I will NEVER hurt you. I am your sister. your world is my world.

  • 7 years ago

    by Summer Skye

    My gawd Nikkie imma cry c: i love it an i love you to, but my world you dont want in believe its a place i dont let people into ...