Gratitude to Teachers!

by Derrain de Silva   Apr 22, 2012

We bow our heads to you, our teachers sublime,
Who have lead us on the right path all the time,
Your guidance, & advice,
Will be a guide throughout our life.

We've caused you pain & sometimes anger too,
Not paying due attention to you, & sometimes sneaking to the loo,
But, since this is the final year,
We seek, your forgiveness kind sir.

You have, made us run a mile,
So we could show our true style,
And with, another extra mile,
The final result will make us smile.

You've all been our friend, you've been our parents,
Not considering that we were all strangers,
You've taught us our lessons, you've told us of life,
Now it's our turn to show our gratitude, + say goodbye!


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  • 6 years ago

    by Biancas Veil

    Great poem and great point!

    The only thing I would leave out is the +