Like A Wave

by Roronoa Zoro   May 19, 2012

Slowly the world catches up to me
As I wither away each day
Without anyone noticeing
I feel the past longing for my attention
As it sinks in my head like a wave
No turning away now
No walking away today
As I pause to catch a breath of air
I slowly suffocate in my mind
As the river flows on
I cannot get out of this pain
The River is rising
The air is thinning
I struggle for what seams like days
Only to find it's only been minutes
My sight is filled with tears
As I gasp for air the feeling of touch goes out
My reach is no longer within my limits
My mind is taking over slowly
No more hiding
No more running
The water drains im left on my knees
I sit alone in silence as everything goes black
Like a wave im stuck in my own mind
Where do I turn within the boundaries of my mind?
Where do I hide within the silence of my thoughts?
Torment rises slowly gripping at my heart
As I scream nothing comes out
I wake to the reality of everything
To the stains others commit
To the hate of a burning blood tie
I watch the laughing around me
The points as I gather my self
The blood flows like a wave of inescapable heights


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Latest Comments

  • 8 years ago

    by Sparkling snow flake

    The flow of this poem was beautiful and the choice of words linked the reader to your mind and the trapped feeling of drowning with the emotions that are carried within a single though!
    amazing read! I enjoyed every bit!

  • 8 years ago

    by Silent Girl

    I love the flow of the word's in this poem :) 5/5

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