My Everything

by ladiiie   Jun 7, 2012

My poem might not rhyme
Or even make sense
But at this exact time
All my feeling are going insane

You know that feeling
When your eyes being to water,
Your heart being to hurt
And for some reason everything makes no sense

I question my self why, why me again
I really thought I was over you
And even would forget to check your page
But on this day, it was no longer there.

Its been deleted,
Disappear in a blink of an eye
What am I suppose to see
When I need someone to cheer me up

Seeing your photo
reading about your day
would make me feel like somehow i was still there
side by side, hand in hand
just us two, against the world

I know you moved on
And its been hard for me to accept
That time has moved on
And that it isn't summer,fall and winter of 2010

Where we first meet on that very specially place
Two souls destined to be together
Forever and ever
Like you always said

But I cant,
I really cant,
This hurts to much
Letting go of someone who was/is my EVERYHTHING .


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  • 6 years ago

    by Rachit Bhanage

    As the start,Well It Did Start the rhyme "very well",really liked ur rythmic combinations and crafted words to Intensly express your emotions.At times,I coud actually feel ur emotions in ur write.
    Great works,
    Appreciated !!