Special little angel

by ladiiie   Dec 16, 2012

20 little angels went to heaven one day
As one little angel said
I can't leave my mommy alone their
And decides to go back
She sees her mom heart aching ,
crying like she never seen her before,
Hugs her as her mom laying on the floor.
She whispers in here ear
"Mommy i'll always be here"
Her mommy hears the whisper
And says "baby go be happy,
go to heaven that's where u belong,
I promise I'll stop crying even if it's the only thing I could think of,you were my baby ,
my sweetheart
never forget that mommy loved you everyday"
She does as she's told leaving with a smile on her face.
And reminds herself "my mommy strong, she will get thru this but no matter what I am going to live forever in her heart"
and from heaven she yells out down to the world
"one day mommy we should see each other again.
We will hug,dance and kiss and maybe even cry.
And she then says I will always love you mommy"


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