Forever Alone

by Steve p   Jun 24, 2012

Forever Alone

As I sit here in this world
I realize I stand on my own
Forever by myself feeling so cold
Forever alone

I start to wonder if love exists
I fall in love wit this unknown
But I know it's only in my dreams
I am Forever alone

This deep black cloud I see above me
Makes me believe, happiness is still postponed
that I won't find that special person
That I'll be forever alone

Forever alone with nobody by my side
I'll never have that family, that great stepping stone
I'll always have that empty feeling inside
That I will be forever alone

I've loved and I've been hurt, that's the way of life
But seems that I'll always be in this torturing zone
By myself alone and clueless on what to do
Why do I feel that I'll be forever alone

I'm not depressed or obsessed with this feeling
But I can't help but wonder on my own
Love is something that I want in my life
with love I will never be forever alone

Perhaps I am scared and frightened
About never being able to take my rightful throne
Standing in the rain alone when I'm full grown
Wondering if I'll be forever alone

Forever alone is a question I've not yet answered
Forever alone is a fear that I have to face on my own
Forever alone, is an idea that I must disown
Disown, so that when I'm full grown I won't be forever alone


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Latest Comments

  • 8 months ago

    by Wynter Simion

    This poem captures how my life is, now and forever alone... I hope not.

  • 1 year ago

    by Isaiah Foley

    Captured exactly how I feel