by joseph santacruz   Jun 29, 2012

If we lived in a world without reasoning
life would be so bland like a dish without seasoning.
I know all things happen for a reason
to question Gods judgement would that be treason?
I fail to see the reason blind folks cant see
and what is the reason being stung by a bee?
What is the reason people suffer incurable cancer?
while doctors seek tougher unsurable answers?
What is the reason for large earthquakes?
they give me a feeling I find hard to shake.
What is the reason for drugging and drinking?
when I sober up I will give it some thinking.
What is the reason for cigarette smoking?
smokers get sick yell "fix me Im broken!"
What is the reason for this homely mess?
people unsheltered they call the homeless.
What is the reason for violent acts of random?
are these folks running with the devil in tandem?
What is the reason for children abusable?
what ever the reason its so unexcusable.
Just as God made the ever changing seasons
She must have her ever changing reasons!


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