Uncommited (El loco)

by joseph santacruz   Jul 2, 2012

Doctor Doctor! I've finally admitted
I need to find a rubber room and have myself committed.
Doctor! Doctor! Dont get mad at me
please issue me a pass to the laughing academy.
Doctor! Doctor! Its not whisky or gin
I only need some rest in the closest loony bin.
Doctor! Doctor! I mean no harm
please check me into the nearest funny farm.
Doctor! Doctor! please run some tests
I'm sure you will agree I belong in a koo-koos nest.
Doctor! Doctor! Im so misunderstood
I need some of your skittles to make me feel good.
Doctor! Doctor Dont be so hesitant
I really should become an asylums resident.
Doctor! Doctor! My heads filled with so much racket
I need a new wardrobe with a straitjacket.
Help me senor Doctor make these crazy Mexican voices vanish
their stuck in my head and I dont speak spanish!
-Senor Santacruz-


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