by joseph santacruz   Jul 2, 2012

Its said the best things in life are free
a Ferrari, A Rolex and caviar seem best for me.
You say the good times in life cant be bought
then I would like to spend my "bad times" on my own hundred foot yacht.
I'd like on my hands ten diamond rings
and if you must make noise
make my noise Cha-Ching!
Some people find happiness with their basic needs met
I would like my needs met basically on my own private jet.
Instead of driving a clunker worrying about the mileage I get
I would rather race to the bank in a brand new Corvette.
Some men find happiness with a poor plain Jane with a heart of gold
I prefer rich supermodels in mink stoles.
One thing I do know being poor and happy isnt all its cracked up to be
I want to live uptown like I deserve so richly.
All those gorgeous women who held my poor heart for ransom
taught me that when my wallet was fat they found me much more handsome.
Im told having money wont make me smile
then I will go out and rent someone who will for awhile.
my dreams of being wealthy I think I will have to ditch
as my fortunes being told and its not to be rich.
At the rate I am going and the going rate
maybe someday I will have a golden wheelchair
but probably not even gold plate!


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