Scooter Trash

by joseph santacruz   Jul 4, 2012

I was looking for a hobby and feeling rather fickle
so I thought I would become an outlaw biker and ride a motorsickle.
I'll grab me some earrings, not bathe and grow a beard
people will avoid me cuz' I'll smell bad and look real weird.
I'll have big long chopper forks and pointed sissy bars
skeleton and demon decals for scaring sissys in cars.
Metal flake gas tank and a thousand shiny spokes
real noisy mufflers for spooking timid folks.
I'll party all night and for breakfast drink liquor
get a hundred tatoos and big biker boots I call !@#$ kickers!
Now I'm a real bad biker, my wish has come true
so lets open this baby up and see what she can do.
As I whizzed by cars they said "look at that crazy scooter trash!"
then I developed a wobble leading to a crash.
Now the doctor tells me Im going nowhere fast
I need to get acquainted with my crutches and my casts.
I couldnt find my scooter though I looked real hard
its now a pile of twisted metal rusting in some junkyard.
Now when it comes to choosing a hobby I take my time selecting
I think I'll try ballroom dancing or butterfly collecting!


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